Keith Richards' Original Handcuff Bracelet -  Solid .925 Sterling Silver ! Worn by men and women.








This is THE HANDCUFF bracelet made famous by Rolling Stones Legend and Rock Icon,  Keith Richards'.  Keith has been wearing this unique piece of Rock Jewelry for more than 30 years.  Hand crafted out of pure, SOLID,  .925 sterling silver.  This work of art is double polished to a  high lustre finish.  It is a significant piece of jewelry that is a real conversation starter.  When Keith was asked what the bracelet signified, he candidly replied: "Liberty and freedom, baby - We take it for granted, but the loss of it is only a handcuff away". A topic Keith obviously knows a little bit about.

The finished product weighs in at 90 PLUS grams of PURE STERLING .  The length of the bracelet is approximately 9.5 inches long and is designed to fit most wrists.  You may remove links if you prefer a tighter fit, but this bracelet was designed to be worn loosely. 
If you need a larger size, please contact us at

A must have piece of Stones/Keef memorabilia,  finally at an affordable price.  The silversmith that made the original piece for Keith charges almost $2000 US for the same item. 

Also makes a great gift for the Stones fan in your life !

The Keith Richards' Handcuff Bracelet.  Solid .925 sterling silver : $299.00 US Dollars.

SPECIAL BONUS ! For a Limited Time receive these commemorative wine bottle labels with every one of Keith's SOLID .925 Sterling Silver Bracelets you purchase absolutely free !
*** While supplies last, each and every customer that purchases the solid .925 sterling silver bracelet will receive, absolutely free of charge, this Collectible Keith Richards Wine Bottle label that is pictured with the bracelet.  The front label photo on the wine bottle is an impromptu shot of Keith proudly sporting his "Cuff"  bracelet.  The rear label of the wine bottle is a brief Keith Bios and includes the following information verbatim:

"Keith Richards

Born: December 18, 1943    Dartford, Kent   ENGLAND

Founding and original member of the Rolling Stones -  band was formed on May 19, 1962.

Talents: Singer, songwriter, musician, actor.

Fate:  Bumps into Mick Jagger on the platform of the Dartford train station as a teenager. Jagger had some Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters albums tucked under his arm which piqued Keith's interest and sparked the conversation.  The rest, as we say, is history.

Famous Quote: "If you are going to get wasted, then get wasted elegantly". This earned Keith the reputation of being the world's most elegantly wasted human.

Nickname (s):   "The Human Riff",     "Keef" ,  go ahead and add a few of your own ! 

Fourteen of Keith's songs are listed in the top 500 songs of all time by Rolling Stone magazine"

This rare and unique collectible wine bottle label will undoubtedly become extremely valuable with the passage of time.  You will be proud to wear the bracelet and proud to display the collectible wine bottle label on one your own wine bottles.  This is an  unparalleled Rolling Stones/Keith Richards gift. So do not delay --- place your order while supplies last. The wine labels (Front and Rear), are self adhesive. Simply peel off the backing and affix both labels to your own wine bottle and you will have created your own masterpiece collectible.  NOTE: The free wine bottle label offer only comes with the purchase of the Solid .925 Sterling Silver Bracelet. Thank you.

Keith Richard's Original  Handcuff Bracelet  - Silver Plated

 This bracelet is the exact same replica of the Keith Richards' original handcuff bracelet, except it is silver plated, not SOLID .925 sterling.  You will not be able to tell the difference between the two bracelets. They look the same, feel the same, have the same double polished, high lustre finish.  Please see photo at left.  Can you tell the difference between the solid .925 sterling silver and the silver plated bracelet ?  Probably not.  The solid .925 sterling silver bracelet is the one on the top.  The silver plated bracelet is the one on the bottom.  The only difference is weight.  The solid .925 sterling silver bracelet weighs in at a 90 + grams, the silver plated bracelet weighs in at 76.4 grams.  Oh yeah, there is one difference, the silver plated bracelet costs about 1/3 the price of the solid .925 sterling bracelet.  The length of the bracelet is approximately 9.5 inches long and designed to fit most wrists.  Links can be removed if you like a tighter bracelet, but this bracelet was designed to have a loose fit.  If you need a larger size, please contact us for information. 

Unfortunately, the SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER for the free collectible wine bottle labels does NOT apply to the silver plated version of this bracelet. You must purchase the solid.925 sterling silver bracelet in order to receive free the Keith Richards collectible wine bottle labels.

 The solid .925 sterling silver bracelet and the silver plated bracelet pictured below, side by side.  can you tell the difference ? Probably not.  the solid. 925 sterling silver is on the left, the silver plated bracelet is on the right.  the only noticeable difference -- the price.  The silver plated bracelet is approximately 1/3 the price of the solid .925 sterling silver bracelet. Price for the silver plated bracelet is $129.00 US Dollars